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Growing In Grace

Children's Ministry

As Jesus was concerned with children so are we at Christ Center Church. Growing In Grace vision is to build…


The church is a place where children are welcomed and trained in the truths of the Bible. Training in Children’s Ministry begins with building biblical foundations in infants through grade school. We know that Jesus viewed children as a valuable part of the Kingdom of God, therefore, our Children’s Ministry must strive for and fulfill this vision of Jesus. We are developing children to know Christ as Savior and become faithful disciples.


In Growing In Grace we have faithful, committed, and caring teachers who study the Word of God and are always ready to deliver the Word through powerful object lessons, memory verses, puppet skits, story-telling, and illustrated sermons to your children. In Growing In Grace, the children receive salvation, are filled with the Holy Spirit ,and 

speak in their prayer language. They understand the reason for water baptism because we use age appropriate curriculum for ministering the Word.


As a parent, we want you to become involved in Growing In Grace Ministry. You can join the Team, by connecting with the Director. We have teacher development training classes each month to train you in various areas (administrative assistants, supply coordinators, hallway and bathroom monitors and you can be train to be a part of the puppet, drama, and the storytelling team.






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